Antalya, Turkey
Business class clubhouse on the coast of the sea in the new district Altyntash. It is the first district of Antalya with an approved project of area planning.
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Big swimming pools
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Prices and layouts
Цены и планировки
Perge Collection: Sky Blue
Business class clubhouse on the coast of the Mediterranean sea
2 big swimming pools with total area 330m2
Small amount of residents guaranties comfortable use of the public facilities
5700 m2
Total area
Free underground parking with 19 parking lots and 15 outdoor parking lots
Monolithic frame construction. 3 types of design facades
Technology of construction
from 42 to 148 m2
90% of all apartments have terraces
Площадь квартир
2 big swimming pools (total area 330 m2), playground, tennis court and sport ground, landscape design, cameras set throughout the territory
Big closed territory with 2 swimming pools
5700 m2- perfect territory for 50 apartments to make you feel privacy. There is a sauna and a gym on the territory. Individual project of multi-level planting throughout the territory. Sport grounds for volleyball, basketball and tennis. Safe and interesting playground
Big sunny terraces
Terraces can be used all year round for any purpose: plant a small garden and grow your favourite flowers of equip a spot for family evenings and house parties.
We pass the clubhouse with full comprehensive repair
1 class kitchen set; kitchen appliances Siemens/ Bosh: cooktop, oven, hood; underfloor heating; air conditioners Mitsubishi/Toshiba; fully-equipped bathrooms; interior doors; LED lightning
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2 high-speed elevators
3 types of design facades
1-class slider windows
Design wall decoration with porcelain stoneware
6 floor
1/2 floors
3 floor
4 floor
5 floor
7 floor
Choose an apartment
Outdoor parking with 15 lots
Indoor parking with 19 lots
Landscaping throughout the territory
Fenced territory
2 big swimming pools (total area 330 m2)
5700 m2 - perfect territory for 50 apartments to make you feel privacy.
District Altyntash is the first district of Antalya with an approved project of area planning without infill development.
Altintash - NEW modern DISTRICT
Foreigners are welcomed here. You get residence permit when purchase an apartment.
Our clubhouse is here
Beach Lara
It suits for:
Permanent residence
The Mediterranean Sea
Antalya Bay
Mall of Antalya
15 minutes
Historic center
Duden Waterfalls
Shopping center Mall of Antalya – is one of the biggest and most popular shopping centers in the city, especially with tourists who come for shopping. It was built in 2017 , total area of its outlets is 70 000 m2
Kraalioglyu Park
Old city
It is a pleasant park for walking on hot days. Great shadow, cafes, playgrounds. Great sea view.On its edge there is a local sight – tower Hidyrlyc
Kaleici – is an old city of Antalya, which is located behind the fortress walls, close to the port (Kaleici Yat Limani). Kaleice can be translated as (inside the fortress).Greeks, Byzantines and Ottomans took part in building of this partially – preserved fortress walls. There are about 3000 different in size buildings in the old city.
Аэропорт Анталья (Antalya Havalimanı) — (IATA: AYT, ICAO: LTAI) международный аэропорт на юго-западе Турецкой Республики. В состав аэровокзала входят два международных терминала AYT-1 и AYT-2, а также один терминал обслуживающий внутренние авиарейсы. Аэропорт Анталья является узловым для авиакомпаний Pegasus Airlines, Corendon Airlines и SunExpress
Duden Waterfalls include Upper Duden Waterfell and Lower Duden Waterfall (Karpuzkaldiran). Karpuzkaldiran is the highest waterfall, which flows into the sea (40m). Looks Great!
Beach Ornekkoy
Ornekkoy – is a small, cozy beach with the beach restaurant
Beach Lara consists of several beaches, which are located in the eastern part of the resort city. Their location is the gorgeous bay Lara on the peninsula Acamas. There one will find soft sand and crystal-clear water. It is also a preserve which is inhabited by wilt goats and green Mediterranean turtles.
7-10 minutes
The land of legends
15-20 минут

The Land of legends is a large amusement park in Antalya. The park offers unique experience, including different rides, aqua-parks, shops and restaurants. Guests can try extreme rides, enjoy different shows and visit aqua-parks.
District Altyntash is the first district of Antalya with an approved project of area planning without infill development.
Altintash - NEW modern DISTRICT
Foreigners are welcomed here. You get residence permit when purchase an apartment.
Район Алтынташ - первый район в Анталии с утвержденным проектом планировки территории без точечной застройки
Здесь ждут иностранцев и предоставляют покупателям вид на жительство
Lara Beach
Наш ЖК здесь
Fully ready accommodations in SKY BLUE
Underfloor heating
Full comprehensive repair in all apartments of our clubhouse
Centralized electricity
Centralized water supply
1 class kitchen set; kitchen appliances Siemens/Bosch: cooktop, oven, hood
Underfloor heating; air conditioners Mitsubishi/Toshiba; interior doors; LED lightning
Fully-equipped bathrooms
Design of the facility
Getting construction permit
Foundation plate
Pouring of the monolithic frame
Installation of the walls and window units
Facade structure and interior
Landscaping decoration
Project implementation
Construction progress
You can get the residence permit straight away
  • Possible remote transaction
  • Assistance in payment options
Payment 100%
Installment during construction period Initial payment 30% of the price of the apartment
  • Possible remote transaction
  • Assistance in payment options
You can get the residence permit after the final payment
Interest-free installment
More details
Increase in investments a year
Download the presentation
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with the graph of price changes
Interest-free installment
Purchase commission
Savings on repair due to the fine finishing
Starts at 160 000 dollars
160 000
Antalya (Turkey)
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Purchasing an apartment in the clubhouse “Perge Collection: Blue Sky” you can not only gat an accommodation in the resort city with great climate, which you can rent, but also get more valuable benefits such as residence permit or even Turkish citizenship

Residence permit has a row of unquestionable advantages; you can stay in the country all year round, start your own business, use some the state services free and apply for the Turkish citizenship in 5 years after purchasing the property

Turkish passport gives you an opportunity to have the privilege of this state, travel in visa-free regime in more than 110 countries, get a right to start your business in the USA and UK and so on

Process of registration takes a short period and is rather easy, it means that purchasing an apartment in our clubhouse you invest in your own future
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There is much property in Turkey but not many business-class clubhouses
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Generation of modern global trends and verified Russian practices has reflected in collaboration of two developers in the project PERGE COLLECTION: SKY BLUE.

Global Development Company is a group of the companies with the long history, which has fulfilled more than 147 estate and commercial projects in 10 Russian cities since 2014. Projects of our company include finalists of the prestigious construction award Urban Award.

Residential estate “PERGE COLLECTION: SKY BLUE” is being constructed in cooperation with the large Turkish developer AYGUN OZEN, which is a founder of the chain of luxury Turkish hotels. Both companies have applied their long-term experience in development of the family residential estate in a paradise on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.
300 000+
Total area of constructed facilities
Constructed industrial and civilian facilities
Professional developers
Technical units in own park
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